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  1. DO NOT SPRAY TAN- Photographers may give you a natural tan with photoshop, but they are unable to remove your oompa loompa spray tan. Save your $30.00 and stay pale. Pale is in and spray tan is out!
  1. BE ON TIME- The wedding day is a very stressful day for everyone involved. The wedding planner and hair/make-up team have spent time planning every minute of the day. We suggest setting your alarm and request a wake-up call to ensure you are on time for hair and make-up. Beauty companies charge overtime when ladies show up late, and the photography is pushed back which stresses all vendors involved.
  1. REMEMBER, THE SPOTLIGHT IS ON THE BRIDE- From wearing flashy jewelry to behaving inappropriately, bridesmaids often try to steal the spotlight. When you are married, it will be your day, allow the bride to have hers!
  1. DO NOT COMPLAIN…EVER- If you commit to being a bridesmaid, discuss what expectations the bride expects from you. Plan on spending a minimum of $1,000 including bridal shower, bachelorette party, dress, shoes and travel/hotel. If you sign up to be a bridesmaid, do not complain.
  1. GO WITH THE FLOW- Often the most stressful thing about planning a wedding for a bride is managing her bridesmaid’s drama. If you commit to standing up with your friend, you are also signing up to doing whatever she wants. Go with the flow and make her happy!
  1. ARRIVE WITH YOUR GOWN STEAMED- There is not always a budget to hire a “dresser” which is becoming more and more popular. Be prepared and steam your dress before you head to the rehearsal dinner. Most times the hotel has a steamer. If they do not, you may always request housekeeping steam it for you for a small fee. It’s better to be prepared then stressing last minute about being wrinkled.
  1. ARRIVE WITH CLEAN DRY HAIR & EXAMPLES OF HAIR/MAKE-UP- It’s best to shower the night before the wedding and wash your hair which may have had product from the rehearsal dinner. Ensure your hair is clean and dry, blow-outs delay the timeline. It is also helpful if you have photos from Pinterest to provide direction.
  1. HAVE FUN…BUT NOT TOO MUCH FUN- Often the drinking begins in the hospitality room and then continues throughout the day. Keep hydrated and alternate a glass of water with alcohol. I can’t tell you how many times we have seen bridesmaids leave early due to consuming too much alcohol. You will want to enjoy the day, not forget it.
  1. TOASTS ARE SHORT AND SWEET- I always tell our couples, the most important key to ensuring you have a great party is to ensure the toasts are short and sweet. Leave the childhood stories for reunions and dinner parties, they are such a buzz kill. It is called a toast for a reason (not a speech).
  1. DON’T TEXT THE BRIDE- During the days leading up to the wedding, the night before the wedding and the wedding day- try to avoid texting the bride. Imagine everyone you know who is attending your wedding is texting you with silly questions; such as, “what time are we supposed to get on the bus?” If you hired an efficient wedding planner everyone will have an itinerary in advance and will know to contact the planner and not the bride. Most often the hotel where guests are staying also have wedding details. Whatever you do, do not text the bride! Allow her to enjoy her wedding weekend.

If you are newly engaged (as many of you are during the holidays), it is common to plan a Fall wedding. Jessica Jordan Events would highly recommend coasting past the Fall and consider planning a New Year’s Eve wedding! There are several reasons why to ring in the marriage…IN THE NEW YEAR! Below we have listed four top reasons why you should ring in the new year with your new spouse.

NEGOTIATE A GREAT VENUE – Most couples are not aware that venues love to host weddings on New Year’s Eve. Ticketed events are a huge risk for venues with young intoxicated guests who make a mess. When the venue has a wedding, it is a controlled group of guests who also fill up guestrooms and reduce stress on the operation of a hotel. You have a great opportunity to negotiate a valued package and potentially bubbly and flare for the midnight celebration.

GUESTS ARE READY TO HAVE FUN – Your guests are excited about the wedding on New Year’s Eve because they are with friends and family on a night that most people dread. They are excited about sipping on champagne and ringing in the new year, then take the elevator up to their guestrooms. Having a wedding on the biggest party night of the year sets the tone for the guests and immediately places the guests in celebration-mode.

BUBBLY IS FLOWING – We recommend an “invitation” welcome arrival which includes passed champagne and sparkling water. It sets the tone for the evening and is nice to keep guests occupied while the family is finishing photography or ketubah signing. Because everyone is late in New York, most venues will offer an “invitation” welcome arrival which distracts the guests until all guests have arrived. This is typically 30 minutes or until the wedding party is ready to begin. It’s an elegant way to buffer in time, yet also provide a warm welcome and get the party started!

GOOD FORTUNE – Having a wedding while heading into the New Year is good fortune! Celebrate your new marriage by ringing in the new year, and a new beginning.

If you are looking to offer your guests an exciting experience and create a unique night to remember, you may want to consider New Year’s Eve for your wedding date! Let Jessica Jordan Events know any questions or concerns you may have about hosting your wedding on New Year’s Eve in the comment section below.















When we have our initial consultation with many clients, we ask several questions about what is important to the couple. A common answer is often times- BUDGET. Many couples have no idea what their wedding budget is, nor are they aware what weddings cost. Keep in mind over 80% of couples increase their budget from their initial budget. Budget…what budget?

Each couple has different priorities; one couple may hold entertainment and bar as being most important and another couple may hold photography as most important. If one area is less important, it may be a good idea to shift the unused percentage to a category of a higher importance. If you are the type-A couple, and flow and details are important to you, you may invest in a full-service wedding planner and shift budget from other categories which are less important to you such as having a DJ vs. band. The ceremony most often is in the same venue as the reception/dinner/dance, so you may not need transportation. You make it work, this is simply a guideline.

A trending wedding size in Manhattan includes 120 guests which allows a fun party, while ensuring the couple has enough time to share the evening with everyone.

As each wedding is unique, we consistently receive inquiries from couples who have a budget of approximately $125,000 and a guest list of 120 attending the wedding. This graph illustrated gives you a suggested guideline of how to keep your budget in line.

Let Jessica Jordan Events know any questions or concerns you have with your budget in the comment section below!











We always like to project positive light and inspire our readers to see the big picture when planning an event. Today we were inspired to write about how to keep calm and carry on during a crisis. There are mixed feelings across the country with our recent election and new president-elect; and with this outcome there is now fear with many couples planning their wedding. We would like to take this opportunity to inspire all couples to stay positive, while also offering tips on how to stay savvy throughout your venue and vendor search.

My advice to any couple looking to get married within the near future- this is absolutely the best time to get married! Do not allow the uncertain economic future of the U.S. discourage you from celebrating your joyous and blissful day. Our suggested tips on how to carry on during a crisis may be extremely helpful when planning your special day.

CONSIDER VALUE – When making any large purchase, you typically do your due-diligence and research quality, value and reviews, correct? As you are shopping for your large wedding spends (venue, décor/flowers, entertainment, photography), we recommend considering value. This tumultuous time will allow you to negotiate better value with your larger budget spends. Now more than ever will you watch your dollar, and we recommend you be extremely happy with your purchase. If you are unable to negotiate the price, negotiate what is included within the price. This ultimately will make you and your vendor happy. This will allow you to receive the luxury experience without compromising service.

BE CONSERVATIVE WITH GUEST COUNT – When the future is uncertain, wedding guest counts will decrease. Sit down with your fiancé and your families and go through your guest list with a fine-tooth comb. The rule of thumb is that if you would not invite them to your home for dinner, do not invite them to the wedding. The quickest way to reduce your overall spend is to reduce your guest count.  Including the most important people in your lives will ultimately make it more special vs. inviting guests you won’t miss.

HOST NEAR HOME – If you live near most your guests, it may be best to stay closer to home vs. plan a destination wedding. Guests will be hesitant to travel and spend a large amount of money on a destination wedding. Destination weddings with a small guest list do not necessarily mean less money spent. Plan an intimate gathering closer to home and be respectful of your guests if you are concerned about the turnout.

Considering value, being conservative with guest count and hosting your celebration near home are all topics to discuss. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about planning your wedding during this stressful time in the comment section below!

My passion to surprise and delight is the reason I am in this amazing world of events. I had the opportunity earlier in my career to work for a hotel company that had strong core values; two of my favorites include “anticipating guests’ needs” and “surprise and delighting.”

We anticipate what you want before you even know what you want. In our initial meeting I listen to everything you say, and pay close attention to when you show emotion when you are speaking about a certain topic. When I feel excitement, happiness or concern about a particular subject I feel the energy you are projecting and I take mental note. Weddings specifically are emotional and as a planner I need to feel your emotion so that I may focus my attention on what is important to you in order to create a memorable experience.

WE TAKE IT ONE NEXT STEP – Throughout the planning process our guests are constantly surprised with unique experiences. We are more than a planner; we take it one next step. One particular example I will never forget was a wedding I did many years ago in Chicago. The groom worked for the Chicago Tribune and was pretty high up in management. I contacted the groom’s colleague and I requested a blank newspaper page. I contacted the bridal party and gathered as much information as I could about the couple that I did not already know, and wrote a feature article about the bride and groom. I then had the photographer send a photo from their engagement shoot and created a cover page for a newspaper to be delivered to the wedding suite the morning after the wedding, accompanied with breakfast. This surprise and delight was something the guest didn’t ask for, but it was memorable because it was personal.

MEMORABLE EXPERIENCES – Think about the last time you had a positive customer service exchange. Ask yourself, why was this memorable?

Maya Angelou said it best, ‘they may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.’

This is so true in the world of planning. We are more than a planner, we often wear many hats including therapist, mother, friend and even teacher. You may not remember our many conversations throughout the process but you will remember how we made you feel.

When planning a special event, the two features of a celebration which guests take away are the BAND and the BAR. The venue is very important when discussing the two most important features of a celebration because they are what controls the success of both.

After planning special events in hotels for over a decade, we would favor a hotel venue over a raw space any day of the week. There are endless reasons why; however, we are finding a lot of couples are looking for non-hotel and non-traditional venues because they are looking for a contemporary feel which sometimes emulates their home and/or style. If you are leaning towards the non-hotel venue, there are several notes to keep in mind when you are planning to host a successful celebration.

BAND ACOUSTICS ARE KEY – If you are interested in getting everyone on the dance floor and would like the guests to say “that was the best party I have ever attended,” the band and their acoustics are key. The important thing to know is if you are spending a large portion of your budget on a band, you need to ensure the acoustics are going to be great. A few things to look out for are carpet, window draperies and texture in the room. The sound needs to be absorbed by something so that it doesn’t bounce off the walls, floor and ceiling. If you are hosting your celebration in a non-hotel venue with cement, marble, or any other hard surface and there is no texture on the walls or in the ceiling it might be best to hire a DJ. The sound is more controlled and you will save money in the bank. Why spend $10,000-$20,000 on a band when the sound is bouncing off the surfaces and your guests don’t feel the music?

BAR – Brands on the bar, bar placement, bar staffing and passing wine are all important elements for a large gathering. If beverage is important to you, ask yourself if you need to upgrade the entire bar or is it the vodka only. You may only need to upgrade one or two items on the bar to offer a nice enhancement. Tito’s is becoming a popular liquor request on the bar, which you may switch out at no upcharge and you could spend your budget on an upgraded scotch instead. If you also have a signature drink, ask your catering/venue contact if there is a drink that is easily pre-batched to save time for the bartender. Once the bartender is creating specialty drinks on the bar it will slow him/her down.

We suggest bar placement in the back corners of the ballroom or room. Bars are important but they are not the centerpiece in most cases. If you are paying for a band you will want to keep the guests in the room. Guests tend to hang out by the bar so it’s always important to place bars where the line won’t obstruct the flow of the event. Always allow for space even if you overstaff the bartenders. We recommend (1) bartender per (75) guests and pass white wine and sparkling throughout the first hour. Passing wine takes the pressure off the initial rush to the bar and also provides an elegant touch.

With these helpful band and bar tips you are set up for a successful party in which your guests will easily access a beverage of their choice while enjoying the music. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about your band or bar in the comment section below.



9.21 Mandarin1. MANDARIN ORIENTAL – Hands down the best view of Central Park, in the city. Matched with five star, five diamond luxury service you will have the special event of your dreams. The staff is so friendly and accommodating you will never want to leave.



RF202. SOHI ROOM at The Dominick – The most breathtaking exclusive view in downtown Manhattan, paired with a contemporary design including a white ceramic tile floor and white spider-web design ceiling with complimentary custom lighting. The floor to ceiling windows will give you a bird’s-eye perspective with almost 360 degree views.




9.21 Rainbow Room

3. RAINBOW ROOM –This iconic venue has panoramic views of uptown and downtown, and is the second highest venue next to Dine ONE in One World Observatory. The multi-level ballroom offers every guest a view of the landmarked dance floor. If you are interested in booking this space we suggest flexibility with your date, as they do sell out every Saturday of the year!




9.21 620 Loft4. 620 LOFT AND GARDEN – This gorgeous garden terrace is located in the heart of the city on the corner of 50th and 5th Avenue, just steps from St. Patrick’s Cathedral. We recommend a cocktail style reception is the best fit for this space, or an intimate dinner with long tables. The weather option is quite small so we would recommend keeping your guest count 50 or less.





Peninsula 9.215. SALON DE NING at The Peninsula New York – Beautiful view overlooking 5th Avenue, this intimate space would be perfect for a small wedding or birthday gathering. They recently redesigned with a fresh new look.





Press Lounge 9.216. THE PRESS LOUNGE at Kimpton Ink48 Hotel – If you are looking for a more casual vibe, this rooftop provides privacy and comfort including lounge furniture. We recommend a fun station-style reception and is perfect for a birthday, anniversary or even a 2nd wedding.




Tribeca Rooftop 9.217. TRIBECA ROOFTOP – If you are looking for non-traditional and have a large guest list, this is your location! The venue typically hosts events 200 and up, and offers a rooftop terrace facing both uptown and downtown. Dinner is served in the loft space with exposed brick.





Ritz Carlton BC 9.218. RISE at The Ritz Carlton New York, Battery Park –Rise offers a long scenic view of the water, downtown and most impressive Statue of Liberty. Ritz Carlton is known for going above and beyond for their guests which includes a more hands-on service manager for all events. This hotel is traditional in every sense.





Glasshouses 9.219. THE GLASSHOUSES – Very unique and modern, this space offers exactly what the name says, the space is all glass and has views of the Hudson River and downtown. If you are looking for a venue that is exactly the opposite of a traditional ballroom, this is it. You may select a caterer from an extensive list which will provide the cuisine you love most.





Gramercy Park Hotel 9.2110. GRAMERCY TERRACE at Gramercy Park Hotel – This boutique hotel is located in the popular Gramercy neighborhood, and provides a calm zen feeling on the 18th The terrace provides space for a cocktail reception for approximately 200 and seated dinner for approximately 120 guests. This terrace offers charm and great location for the downtown chìc.


Our special talent at Jessica Jordan Events involves working with extremely detailed and Type A personalities. We pride ourselves on building trust with clients who may have the highest level of expectations. Many couples spend too much time trying to control every detail, and they often lose track of the meaning of the day. Often the Type A client has moments of hostility and impatience. We suggest several tips on how to manage your Type A personality during the planning of your wedding, and allow you to focus on the meaning of the day – committing to the love of your life!

HIRE A CALM TYPE A PLANNER – The magical ingredients required to handle an extreme Type A personality, is another Type A personality! We have a gift of empathy and patience which has developed over the past fourteen years working with every type of guest. With our extreme eye for detail, sense of urgency and our ability to work with high-pressured situations, Jessica Jordan Events will be there for you every step of the way.

AVOID DESTINATION – If you fall within the Type A controlling category, perhaps planning a destination wedding is not for you. If you cannot see, touch, and taste the food and surroundings it will be very difficult for you to trust many details of a destination wedding. We recommend a local venue and local vendors so that you build a trusting relationship and know exactly what you have signed up for.

CREATE BUFFER TIME – Time is the one major detail that is difficult to control on a wedding day. For the punctual and detailed bride with a not-so-punctual and detailed wedding party, we recommend adding buffer time. This will allow additional time within your schedule if something does not go as planned. If we have buffer time, there is always time to fix a last minute dilemma. We always say, it’s better to “hurry and wait” than to be late.

LIVE IN THE MOMENT – This is your wedding day; it is the happiest day of your life. Don’t allow details to take over the love you have with your new husband or wife. Take deep breaths all day, hydrate and pass your phone to your friend. Live in the moment and enjoy every second!

If you are a detailed person who may fall within the Type A category, Jessica Jordan Events looks forward to hearing from you soon.


The decision to see each other prior to the ceremony is always a big debate. Until approximately fifteen years ago, the first look between a couple was during the walk down the aisle. The new tradition is to plan an afternoon “first glance” in which the couple has a private moment with just the two of them (along with their photography/videography team and wedding planner). There are many practical reasons of scheduling a “first glance” and we have listed them below.

LESS STRESS – Often there is high anxiety and stress before the couple sees each other on the wedding day. This isn’t always due to the actual marriage; more so the people around them contributing stress and the planning leading up to the wedding. If you plan a first glance in the early afternoon, the moment you see your fiancé the stress will decrease. The person you have decided to spend the rest of your life with calms you more than anyone (or at least we hope so), and you may enjoy the afternoon. It is often an emotional and intimate moment which is best to have in privacy. We have worked with a handful of couples who waited until the ceremony to see each other, each have told us they were so nervous before walking down the aisle they completely blacked out due to nerves.

MORE PHOTOS – Scheduling the first glance earlier in the afternoon creates a lot more time for photos. If you have a large wedding party and a long list of photos to check off the list, we highly recommend having a first glance to eliminate a stressful photo session. This will allow you to take photos around the city or in the cute area around your venue for those candid shots before you have wedding party/family photos.

BE A GUEST – If your photos are taken prior to the ceremony, it allows you to be a guest at your own wedding. You have spent so much time planning and saving for this day, why not enjoy it? Wouldn’t it be great when your guests compliment you on how great the hors d’oeuvres were and you agree, and say “thank you, they were tasty weren’t they!?”  Your guests want to spend the evening with you and will be happy to see you having a great time.

On the other hand, there is also TRADITION – Ultimately it is your special day and if you had visualized yourself in the traditional way, seeing your future spouse for the first time that day as you walk down the aisle we may suggest an earlier ceremony time. This will allow great light for wedding party and family photos during cocktail hour.

Jessica Jordan Events will assist you with making the right decision for your wedding day. Let us know if you have any concerns about your first glance in the comment section below!

  1. HIRE A WEDDING PLANNER – Hiring a great wedding planner will be the best decision you make. Jessica Jordan Events is here to destress your life and take care of the simple things you may have forgotten. We think of everything so that you do not have to!
  1. HIRE TALENTED AND PROFESSIONAL VENDORS – When hiring your entertainment, photographer, venue, décor, hair/make-up team, etc. it is very important you hire talent with a lot of wedding and event experience. Often couples will hire a vendor because they are a friend, but this may not be the best decision. There are many small details that the wedding/event industry learns over the years which your friend may not know. Timing, professionalism and being an expert are all factors of hiring the correct talent.
  1. EXERCISE OR YOGA/MEDITATE- If you normally exercise or do yoga/meditate on a regular basis, then continue your routine on your wedding day. If exercising gives you the opportunity to release stress, then do what makes you happy. Additionally, yoga and meditation are great options your wedding party may participate in. If you are staying in a hotel, it may be worth asking your venue contact if they would allow you to use a corner of the ballroom for a yoga session and have someone come in to relax the group the morning of the wedding. Keep your wedding party relaxed, we have a team of instructors to keep zen.
  1. UNPLUG- Hand your phone over to your best friend and allow them to manage your phone when you get stressed. You will find that watching what the world is doing on your social media will increase your anxiety. Unplug!
  1. KEEP IT SMALL- Small weddings do not always mean less stress, but most times keeping your guest list small and your wedding party even smaller reduces stress. Bridesmaids may sometimes heighten the bride’s stress with questions and issues that the bride should not be a part of. Keep your wedding party to a few people and you will see the stress will be less.
  1. MAKE A TO-DO LIST- Your savvy wedding planner should create your to-do list including everything that you need to pack for the weekend. He/she should also make you a list for you and your wedding party’s clutch/purse. This way your eight bridesmaids are not running late when it is time for photos because they had their list of what to bring ahead of time.
  1. VISIT THE SPA- Perhaps visit the spa the day before the wedding and get a couples’ massage with your fiancé to unwind. It will really set the tone for the weekend and give you a sense of relaxation. If your wedding is in a hotel, we recommend going to the spa within the hotel so that you may go directly to your guestroom and relax after. If you are not staying in the hotel the evening before your wedding, we highly recommend visiting the Spa at Mandarin Oriental if you are in a major city. Their approach is instinctual and unlike any other spa in the world, making it easy to spend all day.
  1. FILTER YOUR FAMILY- If your parents or parents-in-law stress you out, request your suite be located on a separate floor. Running into stressed parents the entire wedding weekend may increase your stress. You may also direct your family to contact your fiancé. Men are less emotional and can answer questions quickly rather than stressing the bride with tedious questions.
  1. TAKE A BATH- Whether it is when you wake up or before you go to bed, a bath is proven to reduce stress and forces you to take 10-20 minutes to yourself. You deserve alone time on your wedding day, you will be with wedding party and guests all day.
  1. HOST YOUR GETTING READY ROOM IN A SEPARATE ROOM, OTHER THAN YOUR WEDDING SUITE- Often times the bride has her wedding party hair and make-up in the wedding suite. We always discourage this because it is a small area with a lot of people which makes it hot and messy. We recommend asking for a separate hospitality room or function room to host hair and make-up. When you are ready to put on your gown, you may put this on in your wedding suite and invite only the few people you wish to have assist. Photography is always better with less people around and you won’t have to worry about cleaning up your wedding party mess. Bridesmaids tend to lose things and this avoids any late night “have you seen my lipstick” conversations.