Memorable Experiences

My passion for surprising and delighting is why I am in this amazing world of events. I had the opportunity earlier in my career to work for a hotel company with solid core values; two of my favorites include “anticipating guests’ needs” and “surprise and delighting.” 

We anticipate what you want before you even know what you want. In our initial meeting, I listened to everything you said and paid close attention to when you showed emotion when speaking about a particular topic. When I feel excitement, happiness, or concern about a particular subject, I feel the energy you are projecting, and I take mental notes. Weddings are specifically emotional, and as a planner, I need to feel your emotion to focus my attention on what is important to you to create a memorable experience.

WE TAKE IT ONE NEXT STEP – Throughout the planning process, our guests are constantly surprised with unique experiences. We are more than a planner; we take it one next step. One particular example I will never forget was a wedding I did many years ago in Chicago. The groom worked for the Chicago Tribune and was an executive. I contacted the groom’s colleague and requested a blank newspaper page. I contacted the bridal party, gathered as much information as possible about the couple I did not know and wrote a feature article about the bride and groom. I then had the photographer send a photo from their engagement shoot and create a cover page for a newspaper to be delivered to the wedding suite the morning after the wedding, accompanied by breakfast. This surprise and delight was something the guest didn’t ask for, but it was memorable because it was personal. 

MEMORABLE EXPERIENCES – Think about the last time you had a positive customer service exchange. Ask yourself, why was this memorable? 

Maya Angelou said it best, ‘they may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.’

This is so true in the world of planning. We are more than a planner; we often wear many hats, including our non-licensed therapist, mother, friend, and teacher. You may not remember our many conversations throughout the process, but you will remember how we made you feel.