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When we have our initial consultation with many clients, we ask several questions about what is essential to the couple. A standard answer is often- BUDGET. Many couples have not learned their budget or what weddings cost. Keep in mind that over 80% of couples increase their budget from their initial budget and still exceed it by 20%. Budget…what budget?

Each couple has different priorities; one may hold entertainment and bar as the most important, and another may hold photography as the most important. If one area is less critical, shifting the unused percentage to a category of higher importance may be a good idea. If you are the type-A couple, and flow and details are important to you, you may invest in a full-service wedding planner and shift your budget from other less important categories, such as having a DJ vs. band. You make it work; this is simply a guideline. 

We often speak with couples with a generous budget; however, the budget does not match the guest count. If you are looking to host a mid-size wedding with approximately 100 guests in New York, this graph below gives you a suggested guideline of how to keep your budget in line. 

Let Jessica Jordan Events know any questions or concerns you have with your budget in the comment section below!