Our special talent at Jessica Jordan Events involves working with extremely detailed and Type A personalities. We pride ourselves on building trust with clients who may have the highest level of expectations. Many couples spend too much time trying to control every detail, and they often lose track of the meaning of the day. Often the Type A client has moments of hostility and impatience. We suggest several tips on how to manage your Type A personality during the planning of your wedding, and allow you to focus on the meaning of the day – committing to the love of your life!

HIRE A CALM TYPE A PLANNER – The magical ingredients required to handle an extreme Type A personality, is another Type A personality! We have a gift of empathy and patience which has developed over the past fourteen years working with every type of guest. With our extreme eye for detail, sense of urgency and our ability to work with high-pressured situations, Jessica Jordan Events will be there for you every step of the way.

AVOID DESTINATION – If you fall within the Type A controlling category, perhaps planning a destination wedding is not for you. If you cannot see, touch, and taste the food and surroundings it will be very difficult for you to trust many details of a destination wedding. We recommend a local venue and local vendors so that you build a trusting relationship and know exactly what you have signed up for.

CREATE BUFFER TIME – Time is the one major detail that is difficult to control on a wedding day. For the punctual and detailed bride with a not-so-punctual and detailed wedding party, we recommend adding buffer time. This will allow additional time within your schedule if something does not go as planned. If we have buffer time, there is always time to fix a last minute dilemma. We always say, it’s better to “hurry and wait” than to be late.

LIVE IN THE MOMENT – This is your wedding day; it is the happiest day of your life. Don’t allow details to take over the love you have with your new husband or wife. Take deep breaths all day, hydrate and pass your phone to your friend. Live in the moment and enjoy every second!

If you are a detailed person who may fall within the Type A category, Jessica Jordan Events looks forward to hearing from you soon.