It is critical to ensure your planner pays attention to the fine details in order to run a flawless event.

Most recently I have been hearing from friends, friends of friends and acquaintances that they wished they had done more of a background check prior to hiring their planner. They were disappointed with not having many detail photographs they assumed would be taken. They were awkwardly standing behind their ceremony chairs at the Catholic Church while being introduced as “Mr. & Mrs.” and therefore, photos were ruined. They were upset the hair and make-up did not start early enough, which pushed back the timeline and shortened the family photos. She walked down the aisle during their recessional without the bridal bouquet because the Maid of Honor forgot to hand it off to the bride and it was not discussed in the rehearsal. Individually these fine details may not seem to be a big deal; however, since all of these finer details are photographed it is remembered after the wedding and many years later.

We suggest you consider these three important elements while searching for the perfect planner to ensure the fine details on your special day run smoothly.

WEBSITE – When searching for a detailed planner, the first place to research is their website. As you are viewing their website, does it include organization, a simple tool bar? If you are having a difficult time navigating their website or finding their contact form, the company may not be the best option available.

Within the company website, are there client testimonials by legitimate clients? Testimonials and word of mouth is powerful. As you are reading praise, ask yourself if the testimonial sounds real and what type of details are mentioned.

REVIEWS – Second, we recommend doing online research of the company and their reviews. Most companies have at least one bad review from a disgruntled client and most often the review is questionable. Everyone is human and sometimes there is more to the story. The important thing is that the company does not have multiple negative reviews and loses credibility. If you are searching for a highly qualified planner, there should be positive and happy reviews from their clients which reflect their service.

EXPERIENCE – Third, pay close attention to the planner’s experience and how they decided to be a planner. Anyone may create a website, but did they have proper training? An experienced planner has years of experience and has detailed hundreds if not thousands of events. They have had every hurdle to jump, and covered small and large details along the way. They are savvy in the event industry and have relationships which may benefit you and your event.

At Jessica Jordan Events we are seasoned professionals with five-star experience. It’s all about the fine details and making you happy on your special day. Let us know any questions you may have regarding the finer details of your wedding in the comment section below!