In the early stages of information gathering with clients, we always ask what is most important to them on their wedding day. This is extremely important for several reasons but most importantly it allows us to focus on your priorities while you focus on your special day. For example, if food is important to a couple we need to focus on the reputation of a caterer and how the chef uses his creativity to produce a sophisticated and delicious meal while still having great presentation.

One of our favorite weddings comes to mind, in which the bride made it clear she cared about three things: her Oscar De Le Renta wedding gown, having fun, and her parents enjoying themselves.

THE GOWN – As the bride arrived to the hotel, her belongings and wedding gown were transferred by bell cart to the wedding suite. During this process, the wedding gown was dropped by a hotel employee. Not just dropped, it fell completely off the form and arrived to the suite in a ball at the bottom of the bag. If you can imagine the type of screams and sobs that come from an anxious bride, multiply that. Then, multiply it again. I received a call from the mother of the bride requesting I come to the suite immediately.

We rushed to the suite, walked the dress back through the city to the store, watched them press/steam/repack it, and then coordinated with the hotel car service to transport it back to the hotel. I hand delivered it to the wedding suite, and let the bride know all was safe while she sat in the bar with friends drinking the calming medicine (champagne) we ordered for her.

THE GOOD TIME – The bride had always believed that at a typical black-tie wedding the bride went with the flow of the night and didn’t necessarily have a blast. That was not going to work for this couple, and we ensured the flow incorporated dancing, great music and short speeches. From the timing of the cocktail hour to the special touches for the couple, it was exactly how they wished. We ensured the wait staff cleared during dance sets and honored guests kept speeches to a minimum. All flowed well and the couple had ample dance time.

THE PARENTS – Throughout the evening as we were having a wonderful time, we checked in with parents of the bride and bride and groom. The bride was happy in her beautiful Oscar De La Renta gown and everyone had smiles on their face having the time of their life.

Remember, there’s nothing we haven’t heard before and we rather you tell us what will bother you so we can take it upon ourselves, early on, to ensure it doesn’t happen! If you would like Aunt Ethel to stay away from you, send us her mug shot. You hate the smell of whisky, we’ll alert the bartenders that no one from the head table shall be served whiskey.

At Jessica Jordan Events we make your hot buttons our hot buttons! Tell us what you are worried about on your wedding day in the comments below.