Brody RevisedWe are a luxury event planning company which always says yes, and always delivers. So how do we stop mother nature from storming on your wedding day? As much as we would love to control the weather, unfortunately there are circumstances beyond our control. If the forecast predicts a rain or snow storm, the show must go on!

You know what they say about rain on your wedding day, it’s good luck! Here are a few helpful tips to stay dry on your special day when there is precipitation.

LET IT GO. Elsa in Frozen had it right, let it go! There is absolutely nothing you can do about the weather so why stress? Focus on the meaning of the nuptials and having fun with your friends and family, and the weather will not seem as important. Yes, we understand your outdoor wedding would have been beautiful outdoors, but that is the risk you take when you plan an outdoor wedding.

BE PREPARED. With precipitation typically comes humidity. If you planned on having your hair down, you may need to consider having your hair styled in an up-do. With unpredictable weather it is always a great idea to keep your hair out of your face, off your neck and looking great for your photos. You may also consider extending your hair and make-up team throughout the afternoon until dinner begins. If the weather isn’t beautiful, be prepared and look fabulous!

When the rain starts coming down like cats and dogs, we must be prepared with many umbrellas door to door. If you are at a hotel venue there should be a few doormen with umbrellas and our team will be there to ensure you get from point A to point B as dry as possible.

We also suggest bringing a change of shoes and switch to your beautiful Jimmy Choo pumps at your ceremony venue. When your feet are dry you will forget you traveled through a hurricane and allow you to focus on your significant other.

HAVE FUN! After all of the important activities of the day and just before your photographer leaves for the evening, why not go outside and take a quick break to cool off? Run through the rain and have your photographer catch some action shots of you and your new spouse having fun. After all, the show must go on!

Photo by B-Freed Photography