One extremely important element in wedding design that is often overlooked or cut when over-budget is lighting. From a designer’s point of view, if you are spending a large portion of your budget on flowers, lighting is a must. If you are working with a conservative budget, there are other ways to offer elegant ambiance without breaking the bank.

There are four basic lighting options which may enhance your décor; up-lighting, pin-spot, gobo/wash and candle light.

UP-LIGHTING – Visualize you and your fiancé standing under the chuppah or alter with a beautiful floral or draped installation. It is time to High Def 3.24hand off your bouquet to your Maid of Honor, but wait, you can barely see her! Then you look over at the groomsmen and you can barely see them as well. You are almost completely in the dark. This is more common that you would ever know, and many times the couple would not see how important up-lighting is until the photos come back after the wedding. Up-lighting the ceremony structure is essential.

Up-lighting the perimeter of the room can also be a huge game-changer. If you have a corporate style space and would like to transform it into a fun bar/bat mitzvah celebration, birthday or even a wedding which needs warmth; lighting is the quickest and most affordable way to transition a raw or corporate style space.

PIN-SPOT – The aisle, centerpieces, cake and any other important piece of your wedding should be highlighted. A large portion of your budget will be spent on these items and they will be photographed. Highlighting these items with pin-spots also draws attention away from less desirable features of the space. Perhaps you are not a fan of the art on the wall or your wedding guest count is a bit under the recommended number. Pin-spotting your aisle, centerpieces and cake draws full attention to where you spent your budget and focus is, and suddenly everything else fades away.

GOBOS/WASH – There are amazing ways of adding texture to the space with leko lighting, used with a gobo creates a wash. A leko light is a large high-powered spot-light. When you add a gobo (filter) in front of the light it creates a design pattern on the floor, walls and ceiling. Often named a wash. If you plan to have a lot of dancing throughout your wedding, often a wash on the dance floor can promote guests to dance and ensure they are not completely in the dark once the party begins. If your centerpieces include branches, you may transform the space with a tree gobo/wash making your guests feel as if they are in a wooded area.

CANDLE LIGHT – Do you have a conservative budget? Are you hosting a tented wedding and the forecast looks chilly? Candle light provides RF13elegant ambiance without breaking the bank. There are many ways of using candle light without adding a floral component, just be careful you are not overheating an indoor space since candles project heat. If you are in a tent and it is chilly, candle light might be the perfect answer.

If you are looking for a simple solution to transform your event space, one or all of these solutions may work for you. Tell us any concerns you may have regarding lighting in the space below and we are happy to make suggestions.

Let there be light!