Next to your future spouse, the second most important person on your wedding day will be the person conducting your ceremony. And yes, you need him/her to show up that day also! So why is it that most couples procrastinate contracting the officiant (celebrant) after many other vendors such as venue, photographer, entertainment, hair and make-up? Most couples know they may find someone, and if they are unable to find a professional they know they may have a friend of family become ordained. There are many qualifications you should look for in the person responsible for presenting you as a married couple for the first time. We encourage you to select a professional, reliable, certified, and trained celebrant who will make your day special and memorable.

THE PROFESSIONAL – When deciding on your wedding celebrant there are a few important items to be on the look-out for. He/she shall ask personal questions during your initial meeting. If he/she has video footage this is a perk. We suggest finding out how many ceremonies he/she has performed and if they are experienced speaking in front of a crowd. Additionally, will the outline or script be written out ahead of time so that the planner and couple has a copy?

TRAINED CELEBRANT VS. MERE OFFICIANT – Many couples decide to have a friend or family member officiate the ceremony to include them in the wedding. When you are making the decision of who will marry you, keep in mind a few different types: trained celebrant and mere officiant. A celebrant serves as a writer, editor, director, making your ceremony meaningful and memorable. The officiant is the person who makes your marriage legal and may not offer the presentation as a trained celebrant.

PLAN B – Most people getting married do not think about the possibility of anything happening to their officiant; however, we have had a few hiccups and even a situation when the officiant was unable to perform the ceremony last minute due to circumstances which were out of our hands. For example, there was a fire covering a large area and the only highway to access the venue was shut down. Luckily, it was a very small island and the officiant had access to a boat to get to the ceremony on time. For another event, our officiant was rushed to the emergency room the day of the wedding and since we confirm our talent the week of the wedding (not day-of) we did not know something happened until his wife (also an officiant) showed up to perform the ceremony. The great news is that if something should happen to the person conducting your ceremony, we have it covered! Jessica Jordan Events has a wonderful network of contacts to save the day and Jessica herself is a certified marriage officiant in the city of New York.

Don’t stress about finding the perfect celebrant to officiate your wedding, call Jessica Jordan Events to ensure all bases are covered! Let us know any questions or concerns you may have in the comment section below regarding your marriage celebrant.