Phone1One of the key vendors you will contract for your wedding is a photographer. Along with potential videography, this is how you remember all details for the rest of your lives. In recent years, one of the most common complaints I hear from photographers is that many guests during the ceremony are taking photo and video with their phones and iPads. It is shocking how difficult it is for the professional photographer to capture the important moments with these distractions such as the multiple camera phones and flash photography.

After all, you are paying your photographer to take photos of you getting married. Who is the photographer again? That’s correct, the professional you paid thousands of dollars to! Here are a few tips to ensure your wedding photography is clear of technology.


UNPLUG – At the entrance of your ceremony have your wedding planning team kindly request guests to turn their technology OFF while handing out programs and/or kippahs. Suggesting to turn off all devices due to privacy encourages the guests to respect the couple’s wishes.

ANNOUNCEMENT – Prior to the processional, most often the officiant walks to the alter area first. If you are nervous about guests forgetting to power down, it might be best for your officiant to kindly remind the guests. This announcement is more and more common.

LIVE IN THE MOMENT – Requesting your guests power down allows them to live in the moment, and really enjoy the ceremony.

It promotes guests to be present, and listen to your vows you worked hard on.

At Jessica Jordan Events we ensure your guests are present and enjoy your special day! If you are concerned about how to prevent guests’ technology from ruining your walk down the aisle, let us know your concerns in the comments below.