If you recently got engaged, congratulations! You ask yourself, “where do I begin?” Many couples become overwhelmed with their wedding planning experience early on, and turn to their family and friends for recommendations and assistance because they are under the impression they are unable to afford a professional planner. This often causes additional stress for the couple and unfortunately the wedding experience does not turn out as positive as you had hoped. There are many reasons why you need a professional planner and I will provide four key points below why Jessica Jordan Events is the best selection.

YOU ARE BUSY – There are not enough hours in the day, we say it often. You work 50 plus hours a week, who has time to plan a wedding? A professional planner will set appointments and complete tasks substantially quicker than you because it’s his/her job. Between work, making dinner, networking events, etc. you might procrastinate the wedding details because you think “there is always tomorrow.” As the wedding date gets closer, you realize you have put off the details and suddenly the A-list talent you wanted are fully committed. At Jessica Jordan Events we ensure talent is contracted immediately and we check all details off your list in a timely manner to ensure you sleep well at night.

MAYBE IT’S NOT SO FUN? – Most couples’ first impression is that wedding planning will be fun. After making a to-do list and last minute details bog you down, it might not be as fun as you originally thought. Planning a wedding is a job within itself. There are details that may arise such as measuring tent floors to ensure tables will align correctly and gathering proof of insurance required by your venue that becomes tedious and not the fun planning you had pictured. A professional planner gathers all details and presents options to you, so that you still have a fun experience making your own decisions.

YOUR PLANNER HAS RELIABLE RESOURCES –  Yes there are helpful websites today; however, there are so many options in each category. How do you know you are selecting the appropriate style and personality within your budget? Jessica Jordan Events has established relationships with talent of all budgets, so that we are able to match your budget and also your personalities. Each couple values one detail over another, if you blew your budget on your venue because food and beverage was important to you, we are able to find reliable resources at a lower price, yet not compromising your experience. We only work with professionals who will be on time, dressed appropriately, be respectful and provide amazing service you will be happy with. A professional planner will ensure you trust all talent on the day of your wedding so that you may enjoy the day and be a guest at your own wedding.

SECURITY BLANKET –  On the day of the wedding, many things can go wrong that are out of your control. Weather, water mane breakage, power outage or simple things that may seem more
stressful than they really are (i.e. a bridesmaid hem coming undone). The professional planner (your security blanket) has seen and experienced almost everything. The planner is the calming source for everyone, he/she has it under control. If you had your family member help you with wedding plans, that does not necessarily mean they will be available or qualified to assist you with emergency situations on the wedding day. A professional will have an assistant or possibly two assistants depending on the size of your wedding to manage any crisis on the day and still have the professional by your side.

Remember, this is your wedding day and you will want to ensure it was a positive and happy experience when you look back. It is one of couples’ biggest regrets not hiring a planner from the beginning, so why wait? Jessica Jordan Events is ready to take the stress off your hands and ensure you have a flawless event.

Let us know if you have any concerns about hiring a professional planner in the comment section below!