1. HIRE A WEDDING PLANNER – Hiring a great wedding planner will be the best decision you make. Jessica Jordan Events is here to destress your life and take care of the simple things you may have forgotten. We think of everything so that you do not have to!
  1. HIRE TALENTED AND PROFESSIONAL VENDORS – When hiring your entertainment, photographer, venue, décor, hair/make-up team, etc. it is very important you hire talent with a lot of wedding and event experience. Often couples will hire a vendor because they are a friend, but this may not be the best decision. There are many small details that the wedding/event industry learns over the years which your friend may not know. Timing, professionalism and being an expert are all factors of hiring the correct talent.
  1. EXERCISE OR YOGA/MEDITATE- If you normally exercise or do yoga/meditate on a regular basis, then continue your routine on your wedding day. If exercising gives you the opportunity to release stress, then do what makes you happy. Additionally, yoga and meditation are great options your wedding party may participate in. If you are staying in a hotel, it may be worth asking your venue contact if they would allow you to use a corner of the ballroom for a yoga session and have someone come in to relax the group the morning of the wedding. Keep your wedding party relaxed, we have a team of instructors to keep zen.
  1. UNPLUG- Hand your phone over to your best friend and allow them to manage your phone when you get stressed. You will find that watching what the world is doing on your social media will increase your anxiety. Unplug!
  1. KEEP IT SMALL- Small weddings do not always mean less stress, but most times keeping your guest list small and your wedding party even smaller reduces stress. Bridesmaids may sometimes heighten the bride’s stress with questions and issues that the bride should not be a part of. Keep your wedding party to a few people and you will see the stress will be less.
  1. MAKE A TO-DO LIST- Your savvy wedding planner should create your to-do list including everything that you need to pack for the weekend. He/she should also make you a list for you and your wedding party’s clutch/purse. This way your eight bridesmaids are not running late when it is time for photos because they had their list of what to bring ahead of time.
  1. VISIT THE SPA- Perhaps visit the spa the day before the wedding and get a couples’ massage with your fiancé to unwind. It will really set the tone for the weekend and give you a sense of relaxation. If your wedding is in a hotel, we recommend going to the spa within the hotel so that you may go directly to your guestroom and relax after. If you are not staying in the hotel the evening before your wedding, we highly recommend visiting the Spa at Mandarin Oriental if you are in a major city. Their approach is instinctual and unlike any other spa in the world, making it easy to spend all day.
  1. FILTER YOUR FAMILY- If your parents or parents-in-law stress you out, request your suite be located on a separate floor. Running into stressed parents the entire wedding weekend may increase your stress. You may also direct your family to contact your fiancé. Men are less emotional and can answer questions quickly rather than stressing the bride with tedious questions.
  1. TAKE A BATH- Whether it is when you wake up or before you go to bed, a bath is proven to reduce stress and forces you to take 10-20 minutes to yourself. You deserve alone time on your wedding day, you will be with wedding party and guests all day.
  1. HOST YOUR GETTING READY ROOM IN A SEPARATE ROOM, OTHER THAN YOUR WEDDING SUITE- Often times the bride has her wedding party hair and make-up in the wedding suite. We always discourage this because it is a small area with a lot of people which makes it hot and messy. We recommend asking for a separate hospitality room or function room to host hair and make-up. When you are ready to put on your gown, you may put this on in your wedding suite and invite only the few people you wish to have assist. Photography is always better with less people around and you won’t have to worry about cleaning up your wedding party mess. Bridesmaids tend to lose things and this avoids any late night “have you seen my lipstick” conversations.