Your summer wedding is sunny, hot and yes you will be perspiring! There are many ways to keep cool on your wedding day and ensure you look fresh for photos. Whether you are outside taking photos around your venue or dancing your pants off on the dance floor, you may follow these three tips to stay cool on your wedding day and turn down the heat.

BACK-UP CLOTHING – We always recommend being prepared for every situation. For the bride, it’s always a great idea to have a second pair of shoes in a half or whole size larger when your feet swell from standing in heels all day. A second short reception dress may also be a great idea to change into after the traditional events conclude such as first dance, cake cutting and father-daughter dance.

For the groom we recommend having a back-up shirt and pants, exactly the same as your day attire so that if you wish to change into fresh, dry clothing you have the option. Remember, keep the tags on everything and if you do not wear it you may always return the items. It is better to be prepared than not at all.

MAKE-UP –Most often the couple has a first glance hours prior to the ceremony. During the day you will be constantly on the go for photography, in and outside. Typically, there are four hours from the time you are finished with make-up to the time you walk down the aisle. We recommend your make-up artist stick around for a pre-ceremony refresh. All eyes and cameras are on you down the aisle, it’s always a good idea to have a fresh face!

Another great idea is to include blotting papers in your private wedding suite or in the ladies’ restroom. After you begin dancing you might need to blot.

FREEZE THEM OUT –  If you walk into your venue and you don’t instantly become freezing cold, it may be a concern. Once you begin dancing between courses it will be too late to lower the temperature to accommodate. Three times the guests will complain it is too hot vs. too cold. You may be prepared for the cold guests by offering a pashmina. For the other two hundred guests it will be the perfect temperature when getting down on the dance floor.

After following these three suggestions you might find yourself staying cool on your wedding day. Please let us know any questions you may have on staying cool in the comment section below, we are happy to make suggestions!