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When we have our initial consultation with many clients, we ask several questions about what is important to the couple. A common answer is often times- BUDGET. Many couples have no idea what their wedding budget is, nor are they aware what weddings cost. Keep in mind over 80% of couples increase their budget from their initial budget. Budget…what budget?

Each couple has different priorities; one couple may hold entertainment and bar as being most important and another couple may hold photography as most important. If one area is less important, it may be a good idea to shift the unused percentage to a category of a higher importance. If you are the type-A couple, and flow and details are important to you, you may invest in a full-service wedding planner and shift budget from other categories which are less important to you such as having a DJ vs. band. The ceremony most often is in the same venue as the reception/dinner/dance, so you may not need transportation. You make it work, this is simply a guideline.

A trending wedding size in Manhattan includes 120 guests which allows a fun party, while ensuring the couple has enough time to share the evening with everyone.

As each wedding is unique, we consistently receive inquiries from couples who have a budget of approximately $125,000 and a guest list of 120 attending the wedding. This graph illustrated gives you a suggested guideline of how to keep your budget in line.

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Follow these ten budget dos to save on your overall budget.

  1. HIRE A SAVVY PLANNER – The first step we recommend making is hiring a savvy planner, Jessica Jordan Events! We have worked with every budget and will be the smartest decision you make. We have experience on the venue side as well as the planner side and may make any budget work while keeping you organized.
  2. REDUCE YOUR GUEST LIST – A very quick way to cut your overall spend is by reducing your guest list. Reducing the per person pricing is surprisingly not as big of difference as reducing your guest list. For example, if you have one hundred guests and you try to reduce the per person price by $25.00 per person (plus tax and service charges) by removing items from the package or select your second choice venue which is the same amount less, it would be a $3,275 savings. If you reduced ten guests with a $360 per person price (plus tax and service charges) you would save $4,716.00. The guests that do attend will have a more luxurious and enhanced experience.
  3. ATTEND A TRUNK SHOW – If you have your heart set on a particular well known designer, contact your nearby bridal salons and find out if the designer will be hosting a trunk show soon. Many times the dresses may be offered at a lower promotional price and/or the designer may have a similar dress at a lower price which may not be in the salon; however, you may have it shipped in. The designers know their inventory best so it’s always great to speak to the designer face to face.
  4. MARRY IN FIRST QUARTER OR ON A FRIDAY – Many venues are slower in the first three months of the year (first quarter), and there may be a special offer. Additionally, many venues have set minimum spends for Saturdays but are flexible for Fridays. If you are having a destination wedding the day of the week may not matter, in which we recommend getting married on a Friday so that it is still the weekend yet offered at a lower price. Venues love to host weddings on Fridays!
  5. SELECT A HOTEL VENUE – Hotels are a smart selection because they have many items on-site so that you do not need to rent as much as you would for a non-hotel venue. Additionally, you may negotiate waiving the site rental if your food and beverage minimum is a fair amount or a hard date for the venue to sell. The amenities alone are worth selecting a hotel, which enhance your overall experience and reduce stress.
  6. HOST CEREMONY IN SAME LOCATION AS RECEPTION/DINNER – Reduce your transportation cost and save money at the same time! You may save a little on entertainment as well.
  7. CUSTOMIZE YOUR MENU – Do you need everything that is included in your food and beverage package? Some venues may include items which you may not need and you may reduce or tailor the menu to work with your budget. Ask your venue catering contact how they may customize the menu to reduce price or increase value.
  8. HIRE A DJ – If you hire a band, go big or go home and hire an amazing DJ. There are very talented DJs that have experience in the luxury world and it will save you thousands of dollars.
  9. USE MORE CANDLES THAN FLOWERS- Flowers are very expensive (especially flowers that are not local or out of season). Adding more candles and low arrangements will give your overall ambiance a more elegant romantic appearance.
  10. SKIP THE FAVORS – Most guests won’t miss a favor and most guests forget them at the table.

Take the stress off your plate and contact Jessica Jordan Events to discuss how we may assist you with your wedding budget. Let us know what questions you have about your budget in the comment section below.