When you are planning your wedding weekend there are several items that may ensure you and your guests are warmly welcomed. The arrival experience sets the tone for your wedding and there are several important moments in which you may make enhancements. With just a few simple ideas you may take your wedding weekend to the next level of organization while still being cute; read below how these few suggestions may add to the fun!

THE WELCOME BAG – Depending on how many overnight guests you have and what your budget is for your welcome bags, there are many variations on the contents we suggest. There are a lot of creative ideas on Pinterest and Etsy which also allow you to customize the bags with your monogram or logo. Additionally, if you are paying a delivery fee for your welcome bags it might be best to include items for (2) guests within (1) bag to reduce your fee(s). We have listed many popular and useful items below:

  • Personalized or monogrammed reusable bag – why spend money on gift bags when your guests may reuse a cute bag in the future?
  • Welcome letter including timeline (listing ceremony rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, ceremony and post-nuptial brunch times). Guests typically lose the invitation and do not think to bring it along with them. Within this letter, it is nice to thank your guests for attending the wedding which is a nice warm welcome. You may also make suggestions on anything they need in the area; for example, drug store, Starbucks, suggested breakfast location the morning of the wedding. Guests love options! We always suggest mentioning your hashtag in this letter if you have one to keep guests excited about the wedding. Remember, if your welcome bag is not handed out at the front desk and is delivered to the guestroom, you may want to have the welcome letter separate and handed out at the front desk so that all important information is communicated upon arrival. There is no fee for a letter to be handed out at the front desk at almost all hotels, but there is usually a fee for bags.
  • Personalized “do not disturb” sign so that your guests are not disturbed by housekeeping the morning after the wedding
  • Hangover kit including: pain medicine (Advil or Tylenol), Emergen-C, Alka-Seltzer, Eye Drops, breath mints, gum
  • Bottle of water with your personalized monogram
  • If you have a signature drink, perhaps you may include the ingredients for two guests with recipe
  • Include your hashtag on any items to encourage your guests to add to your photo memories on Instagram!
  • Your favorite snack, this may be something local or a quick fix such as a granola bar. For example, if you are hosting your wedding in Boston you may want to include Cape Cod potato chips and if you are in New York you may want to include Saratoga chips.
  • Your favorite sweet, this may be a black and white cookie if you are in New York City or caramel corn from Garrett’s Popcorn in Chicago.

WELCOME COCKTAILS –  More and more these days the rehearsal dinner is turning into a 2nd wedding. So why not keep the dinner to the immediate family only and have a cocktail reception after? Most guests including the bridal party are not interested in eating a large meal and sitting for a long period of time after traveling. A reception kicks off your wedding weekend in a fun way and also saves your budget. Guests are then given the option and less obligated to rush to a dinner at a specific time, making it fun and less stress for everyone!

These two suggestions make the world of difference to your guests who may have traveled across the country or globe. Allow Jessica Jordan Events to make each and every guest experience a warm welcome to your wedding weekend. Please let us know if you have any questions on arrival experience in the comment section below!