J and M2After our first conversation with Jessica of Jessica Jordan Events, we knew that she and her team were perfect for the job.  While Jessica is an extremely accomplished planner with a wealth of experience in the field, she is very approachable and down to earth, making the month before our wedding easy and stress-free. She made herself fully available, any e-mail or communication we sent to her was always answered in a timely and professional fashion.  No matter what kind of question or potential problem we threw her way, she always had a creative answer and comprehensive reply.  She also had some great suggestions for the wedding, things that we would have never have thought of on our own as we NEVER planned a wedding before.  She made sure every detail was addressed and every possible scenario was thought of beforehand.  She created a detailed and thorough timeline and in just a few days she connected with all of our vendors seamlessly.

When came time for the wedding, Jessica was so calm and all smiles while staying on top of the timeline.  We felt completely comfortable with Jessica in the lead.  I was so relaxed that I did not even wear a watch to keep track of time!  She made it so easy to just enjoy the day.  I had told Jessica early on that one of my biggest concerns were my elderly parents and to make sure they were taken care of – at the end of the wedding my parents told me that they were so thankful to Jessica and her team for taking extra care of them – that meant so much to me and my husband. We HIGHLY recommend Jessica Jordan and her team for your wedding.  They will go above and beyond and provide the most professional and high quality service.  Jessica is extremely passionate about what she does and she really is just the best.  We can’t thank her enough for an amazing experience!

-Drs. Joann Kwah + Michael Steng, Photo by The Brenizers