I am NOT a wedding person. And, I won’t claim that my sentiment changed after knowing and planning a wedding with Jessica. I will say, she made what I thought would be a “tolerable-at-best” process into one of my most fun experiences to date and I couldn’t have been happier with the end results. Starting from the moment we met, Jessica made it almost painfully clear that she would be our go-to for everything. From napkins and floorpans to song selection, if we wanted her to take it on then she was going to have it covered. With 6 months to plan a 200+ person black tie affair it was no question we needed, and wanted, this level of involvement from our planner. Jessica was able to tell pretty quickly where our priorities were. I was passionate about two things: my dress, and having the best time ever. The rest, was up to Jessica. She coordinated the tastings, suggested dress shops, advised on things we would have never even known to think about like getting an extra wide aisle runner?? so my dress wouldn’t rub against the guests chairs. Who knew! She also had some intense parents to deal with. Parents of the bride were not able to have a lavish wedding and this was their big chance. Jessica listened to them, accommodated them, and made them feel extra special every step of the way. Not once did they feel like they weren’t in the know about the details, including costs, which was important to them. As most people have heard, shit goes wrong on your wedding day. Hopefully it’s something minor, like a broken nail or someone at the head table gets the wrong dish. As mentioned earlier, I cared about two things, the first being the dress. My dress was dropped by a hotel employee. Not just dropped, it fell completely off the form and arrived to my room in a ball at the bottom of the bag. If you can imagine the type of screams and sobs that come from a hysterical bride, multiply that. Then, multiply it again. Jessica was in my hotel room within 5 minutes and took control. She personally walked my dress back to the store, several blocks on a warm day, watched them press/steam/repack it, and then coordinated with the hotel car service to transport it back. She hand delivered it to my room and let me know all was safe while I sat in the bar with friends drinking the calming medicine (champagne) she ordered for me. A moment I will never, ever forget. My second priority was to have fun. I had always believed that at a typical, black-tie, Jewish wedding the bride just goes with the flow of the night and doesn’t necessarily have a blast. That was not going to work for me and Jessica knew it. From the timing of the cocktail hour to the special touches created just for me and Jim, it was amazing. Jim and I met and lived in Aspen for years before we relocated to Boston. Jessica had the chef create Aspen leaf ice cream sandwiches which ALL of our guests, not just the Colorado visitors, thought were brilliant. She knew how much my father wanted a dish we enjoyed at the tasting but didn’t decide to go with and lo and behold, it was served just to him. Knowing I had an outfit change, she suggested all sorts of crazy things to make it quick and seamless (not easy with bridal garments) and they all worked perfectly. She even checked in on my elderly grandmother through out the night making her feel even more proud and special, if at all possible! I dragged her onto the dance floor for a quick celebratory shuffle because I wanted my new friend to celebrate with me. I was given quite a compliment the day after by someone at the hotel that had worked the wedding, “We have never seen a bride have so much fun at their wedding!” I attribute this largely to Jessica. I wasn’t worried about anything. My dress was perfect. My family was well taken care of. My husband was happy and alas, so was I. Recommending Jessica is easy.
Sarah and Jeremy Testimonial Photo by Jai GirardWe are still raving about Jessica Jordan even though Sarah’s wedding was 6 years ago. At our first meeting, Jessica’s knowledge of all the wedding details we hadn’t thought about just blew us away. When friends described their wedding planning process as difficult and stressful, we were feeling calm and excited. Jessica made sure that everything ran smoothly – the contract signing, the initial planning, the tasting, the pictures, the rehearsal, the ceremony, the reception and even the after party. Even a year later when we were enjoying the 1stanniversary wedding cake we remembered Jessica reminding us to take home and freeze the top of the cake the day after the wedding. If you want the wedding of your dreams, we highly recommend Jessica.